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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Don't Let Revenge Be Your Focus: Live Green, Be Grateful, Innovate and Advocate

Commentary on Revenge vs. Intelligent or Wise Action
Gratitude To All Who Helped IMPRUVE, Maat or NPPMA
 Fifty Years of  Tracking Down Terrorists in Romania  
Seems such a waste of resources tracking down senior citizen terrorists from the past. A friend sent me a post about Romanian seniors who terrorized persons in camps 50 years ago. Is this the new focus of those who say they are following Christ or peace or committed to the will of Allah or pursuing love for their fellow man or  rebuilding the world to leave it better for  our progeny? Oops, forgot, those doing this could not possibly be Christian or Muslim or even humane. They may think they are doing the right thing. Though revenge seems sweet and erases sorrow, seems to be supported by Biblical scriptures of the Old Testament, it has no merit in the Spirit.  It is a human thing, neither condoned nor supported by Truth.  It is ours to work out, handle, take responsibility.
Even in divorce court, criminal court, revenge takes its toll eventually on all involved. It is tiring.   So are hateful remarks based on thought of getting back at agencies or people who have offended you or do not provide or cut good service.
There is always a way to maintain one's integrity and dignity even to advocate, organize, do actions, even civil disobedience, without resorting to revenge or personal hate.
Green Think Tank for the Disability Community works for the planet to reduce carbon impact of PWDs and seek greener living and health, green IT solutions and fiber optic networks for broadband expansion and FTTH (fiber to the home), and persons who support and work in green. We are not looking to harm or jail those who deface the environment.  That is what others do,  but we support sanctions  against criminal destruction of the environment and health of others through pesticides, GMOs, and introduction of cloned, irradiated, toxic and HEK-293 injected food and medicine without informed consent and labeling. We work with BNICEH and IMPRUVE, Chicago Digital Access Alliance led by Pierre Clark,   21st Century Classroom of Sy Bounds and the work of Chuck Idol Sr. of American idol and Long Island Solutions and the band in which he performs in his online and in-person concerts to help disability groups and other nonprofits and encourage people to buy American-made products.

However, we do not prevent persons from purchasing  products not  made in America, esp. if they are green or fair trade and just not available in America.
We also support Partnership for a Connected Illinois, Broadband Illinois, Alderman Joe Moore's 49th Ward Green Corps, Newleaf Natural Grocery, NorthSide Community Federal Credit Union, RAW, Karyn's, Alberto Bocanegro of Green Party of Cook County IL and aldermanic candidate in 15th Ward of Chicago, TASH, Access Living, Flash Taxi, Open Taxi, Just Unity, Alliance for Community Services, ADAPT, Progress Center Independent Living Center, MOPD,  and the Congressional Transit Summit Planning Committee, which was  established with the help of  IL Congresswoman Janice Schakowsky,  in their green work or work to assist or support persons who are disabled nationwide or in Chicago or Illinois

I would rather focus on those who want to help me, BNICEH, IMPRUVE, the disability community, seniors  and other agencies to fight poverty with technology, set up our own Soular Car business, help people eat greener and afford organic food, provide organic cosmetics that are not harmful, create green jobs, work with young people and pass the torch of our wisdom, and stop privatization that hurts the small business and people who need human services, employment, social entrepreneurship:

THANKS To All Who Make Our Work Worthwhile and All Who Have Had a Change of Heart More Positive Toward Supporting Green Activities and Jobs for People Who Are Disabled. (We work with the people, organizations pictured and others in IT, disability activism, community activism, youth activism, etc. We are grateful.)

I would rather work to set up broadband expansion through fiber optic networks  to the home and small neighborhood business, a greener environment; to stop the hijacking of our organic food and products; to make GMOs and the introduction of aborted fetal kidney cells into food, drink, gum and medicine as illegal, null and void, (it's ungodly);  

To replace the current Congress with one that is more service-oriented, people-focused, American as in we are supportive of the original idea of  In God We Trust, in one nation under God, indivisible - a Congress that is made of grown-ups who are compassionate, willing to do what is right for the masses, support good corporate law;

to have a Supreme Court not led by bad party politics or misdirected interpretation of law and order aka Justice,  or PACs or wealthy members of the insurance, agribusiness, oil and pharmaceutical industry,  and not overzealous negatively and hateful of a President who is trying his best under a Goliath of opposition from the Tea Party and other Republican and conservative Democrats, his own race of misguided persons,  and wealthy health enthusiasts who are able to pay their premiums and taxes (though they don't pay a fair share) who want to throw out the baby with the bath water;

 to have a Congress that instead saves the portions of the ACA (Affordable Care Act nicknamed Obamacare)  that eliminate longstanding policy of  insurance companies  not to cover pre-existing conditions and policy of certain hospitals not to accept those who are  uninsured  or only have Medicaid or are gunshot wound victims from the inner city. 

The President, apologized, humbled himself and took the hit for a bad website, while the Republicans and those who don't want health insurance, even if lower premiums, retorted with one bad excuse after another as if magical words would appear on a  blank sheet of their pageless healthcare plan known as Republicare or Nullificare.  

They attempt as I write this to misuse public funds to impeach President Obama while reducing food stamp benefits from $252 to as low as $15. This is not only inhumane.  It is malicious and the workings of something that is contrary to life and good. What is the opposite of good?  Depends on who you talk with--to some it is nothing, for they feel that only good exists and only good comes out of state and federal government;  and to others, it is a necessary evil.   

To the disability community and those whose income does not yet match food, utility, healthcare and shelter demands, it spells tragedy or another diversion of funds from human services and healthcare.

Until we have Single Payer Healthcare, we must continue to work for and accept the best plan under the circumstances. I manage my own care, so do not need to be managed by the state or federal government.

Medicaid and Medicare are not perfect either and thanks to Congressional-led budget cuts and continued fighting instead of letting the President run the country  with their wisest leadership and lawmaking, we are setting our nation up as the leader of the hostile world, not the free world.  

This hostility seems to spill over into the  mindset of American people who are not spiritually focused nor have the best of brain health or critical thinking skills or the wisdom of Mind and the character and inspiration of the ancestors who came before them and thought they were leaving this nation a much better place.  

What if the Afrikan American or Afrikan nations or Moors took up a campaign  against and tracked down all the senior members of the KKK or corporate America or the retail industry or insurance industry or real estate industry or movie industry or music industry that ever discriminated against them or enslaved or killed their family members or raped their women or treated them as chattel or took away their property or rights as human beings to exist and live abundantly and work at living wages. 

Or began hanging them from trees, burning crosses, burning churches, throwing bricks at young children, turning over school buses, painting racial slurs across their homes and businesses, raping their daughters, boiling their men and women before their children, placing them across train tracks as trains approached. 

Or just refused to ever shop or rent from or buy from them or send their children to their schools or attend their music concerts or buy their CDs and DVDs or gym shoes...? 

Omigod, there would be protests from here to Antartica and a visible return of slavery and mass murders of this race of melanin-dominant people.  Actually, the prison system and shoot-to-kill policing might remind us of slavery.

But as it is, this is not part of our plan for wiping out racism and regaining and exercising  our civil and human rights and it should not be that of any man (male or female) who serves the Most High or follows or supports the work of  the peacemakers such as Dr. King, Christ Jesus, Mahatma Ghandi, Deepak Chopra, Mary Baker Eddy, Charles Fillmore, El Hajj Shabazz aka Malcolm X. Yes, he supported peace, too, by any intelligent means necessary, despite his tumultous life and bad press),  Mother Teresa, et al.  

I am impressed when any man (young, senior, male, female) gets it right and is led by an agenda that betters the lives of the people of this planet by any peaceful, nontoxic and intelligent means necessary.  

Revenge and hate are a b--tch, poisons that infect the entire system--physical,mental, emotional- and leave the carrier of such toxic thought thinking they are separate and apart, unequal, excluded from the spiritual or in their  extreme, above the spiritual, not subject to any repercussion or consequences, ungrateful  and without grace. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to forgive, to recover from wrongs, though I still have opportunity to set things right that are continuing wrongs. I do not forgive nor condone racism, slavery, disability discrimination, gender discrimination. I forgive those misled and blinded by it.  I work to block or weed out any remnants from my thought that  might impede my progress. 

Commentary on Absent Gratitude

Gratitude is uplifting, but is sometimes missing or absent due to misdirected thoughts and complaints. One example in which paratransit riders should have been grateful instead of complaining about the 11 free vouchers they received concerns the federal lawsuit in Illinois: Crosby et al v. Pace, RTA, CTA (07 C 6235).  

The majority who received the free paratransit vouchers did so without contributing a dime to legal costs or any research or typing or phone calls or assistance to help others complete paperwork or court appearances.  They thanked no one. They complained that the vouchers were not enough.  With reimbursement of lawyer fees, payments to plaintiffs and Pace vouchers, the three agencies spent well over $2.5 million to settle. The lawyers did not recoup all costs. IMPRUVE hung with the case for 5 years, the lawyers for 4 years. In the early stages, I wrote briefs, answered and some plaintiffs, not all, helped with legal research, court costs, copying, gathering documents, distributing documents, appearing in court, taking pictures, etc.  Some of us even had cases in Circuit Court, which were consolidated and eventually dropped and deferred to our federal court case.  The work was tremendous and so was our gratitude to the lawyers to take over the case and settle it.

 After the settlement of a lawsuit for Pace paratransit riders in Illinois and issuance of vouchers and notices through RTA and Consumer Advocacy Center in July 2012, out of potentially  42,000 riders, only 6 riders and a few plaintiffs actually thanked me or my organization IMPRUVE  for starting and finishing the project. We do not know if anyone besides us thanked the lawyers or RTA or Pace or CTA for settling.

We worked with Consumer Advocacy Center and lawyer Chris Kruger who assisted us after we filed the documents that started the lawsuit in Nov. 2007, , and raised funds to pay filing and copying costs.  Together, we  helped plaintiffs  to receive small financial awards and all riders who returned proper paperwork timely to receive 11 free vouchers to ride paratransit.  

IMPRUVE and I thanked the law firm.  The lawyers accepted and stuck with the case that we originally filed despite lack of cooperation by most of the riders in completing paperwork and suspicions that they had sold us out. 

We say it here again and express gratitude for all who helped us from 2007-2012 concerning the lawsuit and the trips to Detroit and Washington with the National Paratransit People's Movement Assembly: thanks Consumer Advocacy Center, Plaintiffs and Paratransit riders who helped with initial court costs,  IMPRUVE and BNICEH members, NPPMA supporters, Pace, RTA, CTA and Judge Charles Kocoras, Attorney Chris Kruger, 16th Church of Christ Scientist members and others who bought Carson books to finance our trips, Chuck Idol Sr and Jr, Attorney Yahale Yadede who is no longer living among us, Minister Vanessa Collins, Sabeel El, and anyone else who gave donations, bought tee shirts or grab bags or organic snacks, and not the least, but the Most High.

It is a lifetime job to see blessings and be grateful despite malice from others or despite getting involved in advocacy that sometimes leads to protests, civil disobedience or lawsuits.  We have much to choose to focus our thought, beginning right now.  Be grateful....that you might be a blessing.  And wiser that you may make better decisions and attract the right opportunities and people in your lives and know when and what to share and when and what to withhold from contamination by hatred, revenge, and blind ignorance.  You don't have to get on your knees to show sincerity or gratitude.  Just practice it.  Ase (ah-shay - so let it be)

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