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Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013 Reposted - If You Believe in a Green Environment and Green Transportation Even For People Who Are Disabled or Boomers, Join Green Think Tank for the Disability Community and Support the Movement

Today, I am calling on Google Readers, G+ Members, gmail users, +GreenITers, and bloggers +Net2Chi, +Access DMV,  +ADAPT, +Jeanette Exom +eugene frazier   +Sy Bounds  +Pete Preston, et al to join the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community if you are willing to share your talents and donate time, funds or wisdom to greening the disability community: from affordable or low-income, accessible green housing coops to accessible solar-powered and hydrogen-powered cars, and green medicine and healthcare, organic growing and organic vegan dining (raw, biogenic or living). 
We are also shouting out for support to:

+Javier Robles +Hunter Adams +Sabeel El +Frank Yurasek +Demetrius  Frazier +Janice Harris +U. S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky , +Quintin Williams USSF +Ernie Martinez  +Mim Rose  +PIRG +Brittney Gault +Bridget Bodo  +Michelle Love +Andrea Graham  et al

As Javier Robles says 'We are ThisAbled." 
As IMPRUVE says, "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. Like an oak we bend, but we do not break. " 
As Diane Coleman says, "We're Not Dead Yet." 

As Maat says, "Move forward like the kangaroo...bringing order to chaos." As Mary Baker Eddy says, "Let nothing crush you. Rise immediately. 

We need students to do solar research and engineering students to help us solve the design problems of doors and wheelchair ramps for the solar car.  We need help from elected officials and green auto industry  to get the closed factory space re-opened for assembly of the solar cars. 

We are still in the stages of getting the solar-powered car into the hands of all who need it who cannot drive or buy regular cars or pay high paratransit fees or wheelchair taxi fares or have no usable accessible transit or wheelchair taxis in their areas, or have respiratory issues that biofuels, gasoline, diesel fuel or motor oil exacerbate.   We are working secondarily with the Green Paratransit Think Tank. 

And working to get green jobs or green self-employment for people who are disabled (PWDs), Baby Boomers, youth and seniors in nanotechnology, solar auto dealerships and maintenance & repair, and home-based insurance agencies.
          If you want to help financially, Don't forget to Click the button to donate through PayPal; you can use your credit card if you do not have a PayPal account 

Public Announcement

For Immediate Release – January 20, 2013

From: National Paratransit Peoples’ Movement Assembly Contacts:

c/o IMPRUVE Dr. Ayo Maat,

6951 N. Sheridan Rd 773-416-7366

Chicago IL 60626-3527 Cecelia Jackson, Secy 773-544-9488

“ Accessible transportation is a basic right and the disability community is not a one size fits all community. We and our supporters are concerned that Congress may not consider the best interests and needs of the people who are disabled who ride paratransit and are forced by FTA policy to pay as much as twice the fixed route public transit fare despite having the lowest disposable incomes in the nation.
          You have a stake in the ability of this nation to provide a higher quality of life for its most neglected populations. This includes  Persons who are disabled (PWD's).  The disability community needs jobs, independent green transportation for those times when the paratransit and wheelchair taxis just aren't available or cost too much, or PWD's need unexpeceted transportation to pick up children from school or handle emergencies or cannot ride public buses and trains, or to travel to conferences, rallies, the store, short trips, worship, to visit,  to paid work,  to volunteer, to get to suburbs, etc.
           Every May, NPPMA invites paratransit riders, the disability community and supporters to Washington DC to advoacte with Congress and for our memorial rally for paratransit riders who have passed into transition from earthly living (passed away).  
You are invited. 

Help us to remove the isolation that pushes people who are disabled and seniors or boomers with low income  into a lower quality of life that places them at risk for avoidable, though catastrophic illness or premature death as funds for paratransit diminish and we  are unable to access appropriate affordable transportation to meet our needs and pocketbooks, and get to regular or alternative healthcare, worship service, and the activities that allow us to be on equal footing with our non-disabled peers in terms of employment and quality of life ..." - Ayo Maat, Ph.D., founder, IMPRUVE and NPPMA (National Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly)

Members of the disability community who ride paratransit and have the lowest employment rates and lowest disposable incomes and our supporters request that our voices be heard by Congress, the President, and the public. Join us.

Much has changed in Congress since 2004, 2008 and 2012, but little has changed in the needs of the persons who are disabled.

As an option, we further invite the members of Congress and the public who are disabled  though better off financially than the average person to walk in our shoes using only the equivalent of our average available disposable income for transportation for just one month, particularly in the cities or states that do not have wheelchair taxis, or charge unaffordable prices for paratransit or have reduced services due to the high costs of operating.

Ride public transit, paratransit, taxi service or Medicar service for one month incognito and see what we face-speak candidly with riders and drivers in your home city or state, but esp. Detroit, Chicago, Springfield IL, DC-VA-MD, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Nassau County NY, Miami, St. Petersburg FL, St. Louis, Portland OR and New York NY. If you can find a wheelchair taxi in Detroit at any time or more than one wheelchair taxi after 11 pm in DC or MD, please let us know. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for doing the right thing.


Ms. Ayo Maat, Ph.D, president/CEO, IMPRUVE, founder of NPPMA, paratransit and disability advocate, senior advocate, Pace paratransit rider, Mobility Direct rider (former Medicar rider—stopped because they would no longer pick up wheelchair clients due to long term nonpayment by IL Medicaid), legislative advocate

       Don't forget to Click the button to donate through PayPal; you can use your credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.   


IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Rider for Unity, Vehicles, Equality

National Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly (NPPMA)

BNICEH (Black Network In Children’s Emotional Health)