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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Support Designated Funding in Surface Transit Bill of Congress by June 30 2012

The trip to DC May 14-19, 2012 by IMPRUVE for NPPMA Memorial rally was a success due to the advocacy of a chosen few and receptivity of Congressional Reps, the Hon. Jan Schakowsky and Hon. Bobby Rush,  the staff of various Senators and Representatives,  the subcommittees on transit and hwys, and the Conference Committee for the Surface Transit Bill.

The Conference Committee was created to pass a good bill that is rider-friendly and sustains paratransit, wheechair taxis and Medicars.  Hopefully, they will support legalization of rider-owned Green Paratransit and solar-powered NEV's (neighborhood low-speed  electric vehicles) now or by or before 2016!!

We need all who agree to add their name to the letter of support for a strong Surface Transit Bill with designated funding for paratransit, Medicaid payment for paratransit to provide medical trips that Medicars do not, wheelchair taxis, Medicars (ambulettes) and senior Freedom Ride transit.

Please add your name or org. to the letter or ask us to add your name.  And ask friends, colleagues, family, elected officials, employees, to add their names, too. Thanks.  

Here is the link to the letter just ask us to send with your name added:

Read letter at link below (just Click (or hit ctrl key while clicking the mouse) below,

then see video and read more details at  (this letter version is not as readable as the one above, but the video explains more about why we need the bill passed)

Sierra Transportation in Pittsburgh, Battles' Tranportation in DC, Mobility Direct and Pace Freedom Ride van pools  in Chicago, parent accessible van pool in Green Bay and pilot system that wheelchair taxi drivers are partnering to do with paratransit-eligible rider groups such as IMPRUVE are but a few examples of transportation systems or providers  besides regular paratransit  that can handle or be models for wheelchair taxi service, Medicar service, rider-owned paratransit groups and private paratransit in other cities or states.

We pray that Senator Mark Kirk becomes more active in these effort as he continues rehabilitation  from stroke and other legislators, local elecetd officials, and transit agency heads  who are elected or appointed pick up the baton and run with it for the good of all concerned.

Much thanks to these persons for making our trip possible, making our stay more pleasant or providing support for distribution of the Surface Transit bill support letter:
  • Chuck Idol Sr. of Long Island Builders and American Idol Pro for his media, legislative advocacy, video documentation, and financial support to IMPRUVE and NPPMA for ths issue;
    • Pierre Clark of Chcago Digital Access Alliance for financial support;
    • Dr. Frank Yurasek of National College of Health Sciences and Acuwerks for financial support;
    • Marian Jarocki and U.S Equities, manager of Chgo French Market, for financial support;
  • Sy Bounds, the blog Professor, for video support and tips on monetization;
  • Margo McClain, of Golden Girl Events, for arranging the trip and events planning expertise;
  • The board of directors and members of IMPRUVE and BNICEH for fundraising activities;
  • Nate  Mines, certified health consultant and naturopath of Dynamc Health and Wellness Center in DC for moral and health support;
  • Carol Jones and  Polly Gaza of RAW at Chcago French Market, for moral and health support;
  • Hatice and Aysin Yavuz of pH for Balance, for moral, financial and health support;
  • David Hosea, for financial support;
  • Ra Hetep (Mark Stewart), for financial support;
  • Mim Rose Gilles dePelichy, for financial support;
  • Drs. Bob and Judith Wright of Wright (an institute and graduate school respectively), for personal transformation in Chgo and Wisconsin) for training off IMPRUVE members, financial and moral support;
    • Pete Preston of Massage Systems for financial support;


  1. Dr Maat,
    Please add my name to the letter to pass the transit bill.

    Joanne Tillis

  2. Love and Peace Dr.Maat
    Please add my name to the letter to pass the transit bill

    Tarig Kamill/ Flash WAV (Wheelchair driver)

  3. Please add my name to the Surface Transit Bill-

    Peace and Blessings,

    Camille Smith