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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Green Think Tank Supports FREE classes: Fighting Poverty with Technology Project

We are engaged in exciting activities nationally trying to get the right Surface Transit Bill passed (see other posts); helping to get a solar car into the hands of all who desire cheaper greener transit with help from private and public partnerships and young engineers to make the car accessible without defeating the purpose of using solar energy or the status of being a NEV (see other posts); and  trying to raise funds to continue our volunteer operations.    
       Don't forget to Click the button to donate through PayPal or use your credit card if you want to help out. 


So we can continue the Solar Car Project


And periodic IT Classes and advocacy programs

            In Chicago and Evanston, the FREE IT classes are

          still available through August 28--Register Today.  

  Call or go online to and click on calendar events under IMPRUVE IT Training on Tuesdays at 6 pm or  Sat at 10 am.  Fighting Poverty with Technology.  Sponsored by Google with the support of HandsOn Tech Chicago, Americorps Vista, IMPRUVE and Evanston Public Library...Not Just Google Training

HandsOn Tech Chicago, IMPRUVE, BNICEH, Evanston Public Library, Chicago Digital Access Alliance and Google: "Fighting Poverty With Technology" March 27-August 28, 2012

Contact Dr. Maat 773-916-MAAT or Peter Anderson  at  
HOTC is no longer involved with training at EPL as of July 12, 2012.  847-228-1320
          Request a detailed schedule of class sessions by email.  
                         Online tutorials also available.
Register weekly for Tuesday or Saturday by the day before the class or walk-in.  Nt: Lit: 12 student per day unless you have a laptop.  When we are full, you must share a PC or bring your own laptop (we can seat up to 20 only - PCs and laptops).

Classes Tuesday 6:00-8:45 pm and Saturday 10 am - 1pm (sometimes until 12:30 or 12:45 pm) on 3rd floor Room 303

Evanston Public Library (EPL) 1703 Orrington Evanston IL 60302 - Register at - click onto computer training for Tuesday or Saturday by IMPRUVE 

Looking for more volunteer IT trainers and IT assistants to do 1-on-1s with seniors, persons who are disabled and novices for this community training. Community members, Nonprofits welcome, too, from greater Chicago area.  You do not have to live in Evanston.

Did you forget?  Can't volunteer.  

Want to help anyway? 

Then Click the button and donate through PayPal



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