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Friday, December 23, 2011

What You Can Do to Help IMPRUVE and Other Disability Groups

Fundraising Support
Do You Want Our Work to Continue?

A few musicians, students and Pwd's have supported our cause, though we have not raised enough money yet.  We are counting on you to help us out, so we can continue the work of  bringing a solar-powered vehicle into the hands of all who want a car that is green and affordable to do their local shopping, home visits,  attend worhsip services, carry clothes to the laundromat, and run personal  errands

So Chuck Idol has presented us with the opportunity to give away his CDs to donors or sell them for $20-shipping is $5 extra.)  Please purchase the CDs or donate at least $20 to get one donated (plus shipping if you are not living in Chicag) nd write an opinion of teh Cd to Chuck Idol.

 We have live numbered CDs recorded 12-11-2011 by Chuck Idol for donations of $20 and more  to Benefit the work of IMPRUVE and BNICEH    Listen to  Chuck  Idol at  and
Order CDs from us or from Chuck Idol. Tell him you read the promotion on our blog.
Call 773-416-7366 email:
Donate to:  IMPRUVE c/o Maat
6951 N. Sheridan Rd
Chicago IL 60626-3527 No personal checks, no cash by mail.

Money orders, cashier checks, Credit union checks .
Business checks only from those we know or do business with

 IMPRUVE and National Paratransit People's Movement Assembly want you to raise your funds and meet them in Washington in May 2012. Ask Congress to support a green, affordable paratransit run by riders.  Ask Congress to support affordable or subsidized PARATRANSIT fares for the disability community who cannot pay single fares of $7 in D.C. and $3 and $4  in Illinois and Florida. See prior posts for information on how to order tee shirts, send donations by money order or cashier checks or get invited to teleconferences or join the paratransit rider movement.  Thanks.

Call 773-416-7366 email:
websites, newsgroups:

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