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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

National Paratransit People's Movement Assembly and IMPRUVE Invite You to Make Dr. Maat's NEV Car a Reality and Try 12 Action Ideas

National Paratransit Peoples Movement Assembly (NPPMA) organized by IMPRUVE
Motto of IMPRUVE "We yield, but we do not break."
Motto of NPPMA: "We move forward like the kangaroo."

Never going backwards, we move along the cutting edge of human rights and disability rights, adopting a 21st century attitude of Transit Equity and compassion for people who live at, near or below poverty;it is an attitude that dispels Transit Eugenics, repeals the notion of establishing any form of a Transit Gestapo, and declares an end to unfair fares and draconian policymaking.

All over the nation, disability rights groups are taking a stand for justice and human rights

We support technology within the green movement and nanofabrication that aligns us closer to Transit Freedom and Justice, green jobs, individual solar-powered and electric cars and a people's Green Paratransit van pool or fleet. This movement does not compete with local government-run paratransit, but stand out on its own as an alternative to reduce costs and carbon pollution while offering a people's choice to provide sustainable service and income to a previously disenfranchised population.

Action Ideas – July-September 2011

"Never underestimate the power of one person." Eleanor Roosevelt

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”- Robert F. Kennedy, former U.S. Atty General

Charles Idol Jr. set a ripple in motion on May 27, 2011 when he did the right thing on behalf of six strangers, 5 of them disabled. See,0,4779193.column

Paratransit Blog - July 19, 2011

These action ideas are for paratransit riders, drivers and transit advocates for mass transit and paratransit. Relief for the paratransit rider or fixed route rider must come through our own efforts. We must look out for ourselves and those who have been unable to ride paratransit due to oversize wheelchairs, environmental illness and respiratory illness. IMPRUVE has no problem with paratransit service boards. Our problem is with the high fares they charge and any policies that are so oppressive and manipulative that persons who are disabled (PWDs) are unable to ride and feel that it is a waste of carfare to go to service board meetings and public hearings in their cities.

"One person cooperating in harmony with the divine is a multitude."

Twelve Action Ideas for Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly - July-September2011

1. Donate $15-20. Receive a tee shirt: "WE SHALL NOT BE SILENT" Sat. July 23, 2011 9am-2pm at Disability Pride Parade Daley Center Booth 19 at 50 W. Washington Chicago 60602 or at our next general meeting Fri. August 5th 2-5:30 pm at AIMMC 836 W. Wellington Chicago 60657 in Olson Auditorium receive tee shirt (sizes 1x, 2x, 3x, 45x only) Special order and advance pay required for other sizes.

Funds needed for IMPRUVE and National Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly (NPPMA) to continue work and organizing for the Soular Car Project or Green Paratransit and retire outstanding debt from Washington DC trip. Contact Maat 773-416-7366 re: Soular Car Project

Contact Cece 773-544-9488 or Patricia 224-425-2181 for tee shirts . Patricia also has mystery gift bags and snacks for sale at special events.

2. Donate cash. Donate items to the Silent Auction. Examples: gift cards, gift services, timeshares, airline mileage points, hotel stays, transportation, taxi service, laptops, cell phone minutes, stationery, envelopes, postage stamps, texting, email blasts, phone blitzes, articles, press releases, food or restaurant gift certificates, massage services, etc.

3. Write to your U.S. Senators, U.S. House Representative (Congressman), Senator Tom Latham, chairman of Transportation and Infrastructure, and Senator Rockefeller, chairman of Senate Committee On Commerce, Science and Transportation for a hearing on Green Paratransit run by PWDs to provide Green jobs for PWDs to lift people who are disabled (PWD) out of poverty and provide sustainable income. Contact for letter samples.

4. Promote the IMPRUVE Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly on your website and newsgroup. Support the solar-powered and electric cars that we promote. Comment at the link for Dr. Maat's Neighborhood Electric Car:

5. Organize 20-100 paratransit riders and their advocates in your region. Inform them to jkeep posted at for online townhall meetings and NPPMA twice a month 800 teleconferences. Join NPPMA. Join IMPRUVE on the call with advocates from various states

6. Submit names of paratransit riders who passed away 2010-2011; Make your own Memorial posters to display at public rallies or next year's National Paratransit Memorial Rally to be held during week of Memorial Day holiday

7. Start raising funds now. Set up your own fundraising or ask 30 people to donate $10-30 on your trip for 2012 National Paratransit People's Memorial rally. Can also join NPPMA and set up a memorial rally in your county, city, state or region

8. Organize a press conference and rally in you city to see advocates off when they leave for rallies in their state's capital or Washington DC. Or set n they up one in your city. For the NPPMA, join the national teleconference. Ask to be invited to the biweekly 800 planning teleconferences hosted by South Florida CIL by calling or emailing Ernie Martinez: or cell:305-776-5573

9. Organize phone blitzes in your state the entire month of August and September until a meeting or hearing is granted to you. Call state legislators and mayor’s or City Council disability offices to send letters on your behalf, too, but especially call or send emails to the White House, Congress, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation chaired by Sen. Rockefeller, House Committee of Rep. Dan Lipinski Jr. that pertains to Transportation, U.S. Access Board, National Disability Policy Consortium, FTA, and print media, TV, radio, cable stations

10. Choose a partner to share rides, hotel room, food when traveling

11. Pray, chant for an end to the disparate impact and oppressive treatment of people with disabilities who ride paratransit. Ask faith leaders to lead a prayer vigilance for paratransit riders and our National Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly

12. Request “The Paratransit Is My Transit” song by email: Sing, learn the melody. Bring with you to rallies. Add new stanzas pertaining to your city, county, state if your region is missing from the original song.

IMPRUVE has declared freedom from draconian transit policy on paratransit riders and think it is critical to go to Washington to meet with Congress and transportation officials, and have a national public rally.

We have a plan to improve the current paratransit system and a solution to end or prevent Transit Eugenics that we plan to launch step-by-step between now and 2016—it is a national plan that can be replicated city by city, state by state. By 2020, we expect nanotechnology and green technology to be a natural progression within all paratransit systems to reduce energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprints of PWDs across the world. Those who choose to ride the carriers of their current service boards may continue. We will be an alternative that is strictly rider-owned, rider-controlled, Green, and owned or controlled by us—PWDs!


Follow us on,,,, We will provide the Green alternative at a lower rate, with more humanity and compassion, that will be healthier with less environmental harm, and ability for PWDs in oversize wheelchairs to ride, too; we will provide an on-demand and monthly payment plan. The competitive process should not exclude persons who are disabled from having their own service powered by solar energy and other green vehicles. This is a human and civil right, plain and simple. It is the Congress and the DOJ (Dept. of Justice) who must mandate that the FTA enforce the ADA. We must bring high fares down for paratransit and ensure that all who need the service will receive it. Paratransit was created for us, not the service boards, the FTA, or Congress. They are obligated to DOobligated to provide Transit Equity and enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

We are obligated to stand up for our rights and have a Congress that cares about PWDs who ride paratransit. As Congress and states continue to slash services, we must continue to quash budget cuts that isolate us, impact our well-being, force us into hospitals and residential institutions, and force service boards to raise fares to unconscionable rates as was done by Metro Access in DC and in South Florida and other states, or enact draconian policies that make it difficult for us to ride paratransit.

The service cuts of Congress and local government are undesired for the masses and draconian for the disability community, not just ridiculous, but life-threatening.

Dr. Cornel West said [of the service cuts to American society], "We may have to use civil disobedience, but all of us do not have to get arrested."

There are ways for abled-bodied society to accomplish this at the ballot box, in spending choices, boycotts, alternative transit such as walking, skating, bicycling, carpooling, segways, solar cars, electric cars, etc.

Boycotts do not work without alternative choices. For people who are disabled and low income and have no access to free or affordable Medicars, and cannot ride mainline fixed route buses or trains or do not have accessible buses and trains that run within close proximity to them, there are no alternatives to the paratransit. Most paratransit riders even if supportive of the cause, would be unable to boycott.

Therefore, boycotts would be ineffective for us without alternative accessible transportation. Unlike the Montgomery Bus Boycott, we cannot walk or catch a ride to our destinations. There are no wheelchair taxis in most cities. Chicago has them, DC has them, even St. Petersburg FL has them, but the costs are beyond reach of the average paratransit rider. Detroit does not have them!

Building our own paratransit system is the most effective. It can operate even while the city-run, county-run or state-run public paratransit operates. Having the ear of Congress and the President for our cost-cutting plan, advocacy and meetings with the FTA and U.S. Access Board, and DOJ to mandate enforcement of the ADA are more effective.

Be sure to support our affiliates, supporters, and sponsors of the NEV and green jobs for PWDs who will hire affiliate Sy Bounds to represent mutual interests in assembly, sales, insurance and conversion (for accessibility) of the solar-powered or electric NEV to benefit PWDs and Baby Boomers

Sy Bounds has done much to promote innovative technology, support groups across the state, and blogs about it constantly. He is on facebook, too.

So we move forward like the kangaroo, never backwards.

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