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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NPPMA and IMPRUVE Demand Transit Summit ASAP and Relief for Paratransit Riders

NPMMA and IMPRUVE went to Washington DC May 24-30, 2011 for National Paratranist Memorial Rally.  While there, they advocated for Congress to call a Transit Summit on Paratransit to end the Transit  Gestapo, and advocated for the Green Paratransit, Soular NEV Project, Reduced or rolled back paratransit fares.  At up to $7 a trip, Metro Access in DC has the highest fares!!  Chicago fares are $3 for a zone system that is unequitable and prevents  many riders from traveling who because of their disability require vans with ramps  instead of the high lifts of MV Transportation in vans that are pain and injury traps due to their crowded space, poor shocks and suspension system and lifts that break down because they cannot carry the weight  of the wheelchair and client.

NPMMA is the National Paratransit People's Movement Assembly. NPPMA held a memorial rally for the following paratransit riders and persosn with disabilities (PWD's) who have passed away--some are former directors and officers of IMPRUVE or its parent company BNICEH:
  • Omar Basheer (former presidnet, vice pres, BNICEH)
  • Alyce Battle  (former vice president, treasurer, BNICEH)
  • Tracey Berry
  • Wilber Derry
  • Edith Gould
  • Ora Harris (former vice president, secy BNICEH, member of IMPRUVE)
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Kimberly Rabb
  • et al

Dr. Maat demands Fix Paratransit Now 
Congress, Obama administration US DOT all focus on high speed rail & highway infrastructure
while leaving paratransit riders at the mercy of the Transit Gestapo

Timothy Hyanes and Tony Lowe lend support at NPMMA rally
Union Station, Chicago 

Timothy Haynes is all thumbs up, encouraging IMPRUVE
not to be silent about Transit Eugenics

Tom Babbington signs landmark  
Declaration of Transit  Freedom and Justice
declaring the rights of paratransit riders to
Safe, Affordable, Accessible Paratransit Service
with Comparable Service to  Fixed Route buses and trains
and calling for a  Green Paratransit run by riders and a
Congressional Transit Summit on Paratransit with
IMPRUVE, NPPMA, FTA,  Congressional Transportation Committees,
Subcommittees, and Paratransit Riders Seated at the Table

Paratransit Advocates from IMPRUVE  take a photo break 
while fellow advocates work both ends and inside of Union Station  for signatures on Declaration of Transit Freedom and Justice and singing of "The Paratransit is My Transit" at Union Station, Chicago 
L to R:  JoanneTillis, Patricia Baxter, Cecelia Jackson, Ayo Maat
Timothy Haynes, front

Next NPPMA Teleconference hosted by Ernie Martinez,
South Florida Center for Independent Living,  is
Wed. June 15 at 2 pm CDT 800-204-5502 PIN 938460
Ernie's  cell: 305-776-5573

Info Dr. Maat, IMPRUVE and NPPMA

Post your paratransit news, threats of fare increases, service cuts, policy that violates ADA, Transit Equity
Request Congressional Transit Summit in your region

Join Green Think Tank for the Disability Community on or comment here with your request to join

Request Powerpoint Presentation on
Green Paratransit or Soular Car Project 

Download Declaration of Transit Freedom and Justice
Sign, Comment, Get signatures and send to IMPRUVE
Attn:  Maat 6951 N. Sheridan Rd Chicago IL 60626-3527
Request news on Charles Idol who rescued PWD's
at Clyde's 700-7th St NW Washington DC
on Friday May 27, 2011

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