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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Green Think Tank Joins Discussion of Disaster, Sexual Violence and Why Green Makes More Sense Now Than Ever

How do we justify supporting an administration that on the one hand seems arrogant and absorbed in the agenda of the wealthy, warring against those who are disabled or low income and living at the same income for the past 3 years;
 neglectful of issues and reparations for those who are of the race considered Black, Moorish, Afrikan, Nubian, Kemetic, or Hebrew; non-supportive of clean air, green policies, and nanotechnology; anti-paratransit or unwilling to transform transit eugenics to transit justice for paratransit riders, and disconnected from the little people with the big hearts and high hopes—those voters whose energy, enthusiasm for change, and $5 contributions placed President Obama in office—that is how do we support politics and media spins above spiritual discernment and right leadership?

What can we do? Nature seems to be raging out of control alongside poverty, unemployment, hunger, and the trials of living beneath Justice and the Law established without beginning or end, consideration of location, age, gender, or income.

Is it right to support this President whom some will discover may go down in real history, not the fabricated annals of political figureheads and Tea Party “diss” sheets or presidential hopefuls, or the rants and raves of disappointed and impatient voters, as the greatest American president in world history, all prejudices aside?

Send Light.
Seems so simple. It is.

What is difficult is to think that we are still victims enslaved to poverty, unemployment, mental degradation, ill will, separation from Light and the Creator.

Never underestimate or discount what a few en-Lightened people working with purpose, perseverance, Principle, compassion, Love and determined Spirit can do when united and single-Minded.

Can we stop crime?--absolutely. Reverse hunger? Stop sodomy and rape behind, inside and outside the walls? Why not? Do we think that we are less than the early healers, light workers (or light bearers), and ones who with their wisdom accumulated great power and wealth to prosper and feed the people? Are we on facebook just to criticize and leave it at that without healing the situations or adding to the good? If so, then we have left our work undone and things will remain unchanged or only temporarily solved until we take our stand for what is right and selfless, no matter how radical it seems to those who hide in fear behind guns, laws to limit the people’s power and cut essential services, false teachers and ruthless leaders.

We should be tired of rehearsing for the role of leadership, prosperity, success or healing, yet getting on the stage only to give a performance of mediocrity, fear, bitterness, anger, ill will, or perpetual illness and impoverished thinking. We are better than that. We are stars unbound to any universe of darkness. We say laugh off the problems of the world. Humor in its place can be healing, but out of place and used to tease, is deafening to the ears of those who are too fragile in their emotions to deduce and discern the unreal or comedy from reality.

We worship leaders who are false gods to a race starved of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Light. We buy products founded on greed and quick profit whose claims of help and healing fall by the weight of their deception. Yet, we are surrounded by a few men and women who are known to the universe by the Light they share, so many of them ordinary to the human eye, extraordinary to the spiritual eye. And they are found everywhere—in prisons, jails, shelters, mental facilities, hospitals, schools, research institutes, nonprofit foundations, on park benches, in your neighborhood, and sometimes in your own family--the strange ones you might say, but those who see recognize them every time. The hidden avatars. The unknown and uncelebrated sentinels of mankind and life abundant in grace. We are blessed not because of some religious edict or mantra, but because of the way we are made. We seldom realize our greatness, because we focus on our shortcomings and out of place thoughts that we recover from the trash.

What more can be said for the greatest beings on this planet (the real men -male and female, who under all circumstances (war, rape, racism, murder, poverty, hunger, corruption, imbalance in the wealth, destruction of natural resources, climate change, lies, criticism, mistakes and pressure) still Love and still give of their Light to mankind) than that we must be grateful for those among us or each one who holds the balance of Light, Love and Justice for the planet and stand ready to carve perfection out of what seems imperfection, and order out of chaos. Why sit and wait for the fall of a people, race, city, state, nation or a world when we have been equipped with the Mind of God to renew our thinking and transform this world? No Nobel Peace Prize necessary--just do it! We must. The universe is open to the thinkers, the innovators, the ones who need no tsunami to rise or who having experienced one, or had their crisis behind the walls or in the community, are transformed. No going back. Move forward. Ase. The power that we are given or re-discover when we focus more on who or what we are, what our purpose is, what spiritual gifts we are endowed with, who the Most High is and what we are as His heirs can take the original man and the human race a long way. Too often we all get caught up in these human vessels and forget that we are here to be separate from the melee, to keep crime in check that we may come out of the fields of toil in suffering and victimization to heal the sick, raise the hope and rise to new levels of demonstration despite all obstacles, criticism and barriers.

There are green opportunities for and within the disability community; and opportunities to heal mentally from holding onto anger, fear, and failure to forgive those we blame. 

There are also old ways of healing that have become popular again as healthcare costs spiral out of control and disasters require quick thinking, quick action and healing resources outside of medical facilities.

Allow me to share this interview and discussion of barefoot medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM) with Dr. Frank Yurasek, M.D. who turned to TCM  and Dr. Ayo Maat, conducted  in 2009 by Michael at WLUW from the Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park.