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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Think Tank, Disability Community, Transit Advocate and Public Support for IMPRUVE

The Green Think Tank for the Disability Community requests the support nationwide of all who work in disability, nanotechnology, nanofabrication, transit, paratransiting, rehab engineering, all STEM subjects, community organizing for the National Memorial Rally of IMPRUVE Peoples Movement Assembly in Washington D.C. May 23-27, 2011

Teleconference call is Thursday April 13, 2011 at 2 pm CDT at Rondee Comment or email or contact Dr. Maat to get invited to the call for the DC trip.

You are referred for further details to March 1, 2011 post on this site

The rally is being conducted in memorial to these disability and paratransit advocates who passed in transition from 2010-2011, three of whom served on the board of directors of IMPRUVE or its parent company BNICEH:

- Omar Basheer (passed July 2010) former president and vice president,
BNICEH; supported IMPRUVE events, fundraisers;
could not ride MV paratransit provider vehicles in
Zone 3 Chicago

- Alyce Battle (passed Dec. 2010) former vice president and secy, IMPRUVE
proctor, BNICEH ATOD programs at Probation Challenge
paratransit advocate, Zone 3 Chicago (had difficulty
riding in MV vehicles)

- Tracey Berry (passed April 2010) paratransit advocate Zone 1 Chicago

- Ora Harris (passed March 17, 2011) former vice president and secy,
BNICEH; IMPRUVE member, paratransit advocate, Zone 3
Chicago (had difficulty riding in MV vehicles)

You are invited to submit and carry posters of the paratransit riders in your city, county or state who have passed into transition.

Main goals of rally:

. Call attention to the plight of paratransit riders nationally

. Deliver Declaration of Transit Freedom and Justice to the Obama
administration, U.S. Access Board, Federal Transit Administration(FTA),
Dept. of Justice, (DOJ), Congress, AAPD (American Association of
People with Disabilities), and U.S. Secy of Transportation

. Garner Support to Establish a Green Paratransit first in Chicago that
can be replicated in cities across thae nation, then internationally

. Sing The Paratransit Is My Transit song in tribute to paratransit
riders who have passed and those who remain


Find us also as groups on under Green Paratransit Think Tank and Green Think Tank for the Disability Community
and IMPRUVE Paratransit Minuteman Campaign is on

Photo Remembrances of Those We are Memorializing May 23-27, 2011 will be posted later

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