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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Think Tank, Disability Community, Transit Advocate and Public Support for IMPRUVE

The Green Think Tank for the Disability Community requests the support nationwide of all who work in disability, nanotechnology, nanofabrication, transit, paratransiting, rehab engineering, all STEM subjects, community organizing for the National Memorial Rally of IMPRUVE Peoples Movement Assembly in Washington D.C. May 23-27, 2011

Teleconference call is Thursday April 13, 2011 at 2 pm CDT at Rondee Comment or email or contact Dr. Maat to get invited to the call for the DC trip.

You are referred for further details to March 1, 2011 post on this site

The rally is being conducted in memorial to these disability and paratransit advocates who passed in transition from 2010-2011, three of whom served on the board of directors of IMPRUVE or its parent company BNICEH:

- Omar Basheer (passed July 2010) former president and vice president,
BNICEH; supported IMPRUVE events, fundraisers;
could not ride MV paratransit provider vehicles in
Zone 3 Chicago

- Alyce Battle (passed Dec. 2010) former vice president and secy, IMPRUVE
proctor, BNICEH ATOD programs at Probation Challenge
paratransit advocate, Zone 3 Chicago (had difficulty
riding in MV vehicles)

- Tracey Berry (passed April 2010) paratransit advocate Zone 1 Chicago

- Ora Harris (passed March 17, 2011) former vice president and secy,
BNICEH; IMPRUVE member, paratransit advocate, Zone 3
Chicago (had difficulty riding in MV vehicles)

You are invited to submit and carry posters of the paratransit riders in your city, county or state who have passed into transition.

Main goals of rally:

. Call attention to the plight of paratransit riders nationally

. Deliver Declaration of Transit Freedom and Justice to the Obama
administration, U.S. Access Board, Federal Transit Administration(FTA),
Dept. of Justice, (DOJ), Congress, AAPD (American Association of
People with Disabilities), and U.S. Secy of Transportation

. Garner Support to Establish a Green Paratransit first in Chicago that
can be replicated in cities across thae nation, then internationally

. Sing The Paratransit Is My Transit song in tribute to paratransit
riders who have passed and those who remain


Find us also as groups on under Green Paratransit Think Tank and Green Think Tank for the Disability Community
and IMPRUVE Paratransit Minuteman Campaign is on

Photo Remembrances of Those We are Memorializing May 23-27, 2011 will be posted later

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Green Think Tank Ponders: What If Nanotechnology Becomes The New Money Or Prosperity For The Disability Community

March 1, 2011--from the headquarters

Our think tank enters a new year--the traditional sense of renewal approaches with the spring equinox. Certainly a new era in paratransit springs forth with the potential within 10 years to have cutting edge technology on a miniature scale that marries nanotechnology with the green transit industry and disability community.

Though IMPRUVE set a target by 2016 to own its own vehicles or fleet of van pools for those of us who have invested funds and energy into this potential to travel independently, we won’t end our shared role or progress at 2016.

By 2020, we expect to be there with the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community (GTTDC) as users, trainers, and interns of nanotechnology and green technology without the ongoing fights with state legislators for monies and service boards for acceptance of riders as advisors who are taken seriously, seldom to revisit the uncertainties of service, unequal services, and policy that leave riders and other persons who are disabled behind.

Young people are needed to work side by side with elders. Elders are expected to continue to sharpen their thought processes, learn nanotechnology, green technology, and share knowledge within the disability community, so that we are more prepared for the incoming revolution that is result from our evolved vision. We should not stand on the sidelines watching others capitalize on technology, employment and training that we, too, need.

We don’t always have to retire, but at some point for balance, well-being and continuity it may become necessary to turn the reins over to a better-trained, more energetic workforce, taskforce, and thinkers who do not limit themselves to boxed-in logic, the way of limited world thought, and reduced intellect.

To think big, but work on a small scale to be more efficient, reduce costs, be more productive, or stronger, is the way of nanotechnology.

What if we as a disability community worked so smart that we would become a real enabling community with wheelchairs whose battery chargers were powered by solar cells or hydrogen cells that were small enough to fit in the palm of our hands? What if we could charge our solar cars from stored sunlight that fits on a grid as small as a laptop or a cell phone? What if when we travel or find ourselves stranded, or snowed in, or fall and break bones, or have pulmonary attacks, or have ravaging cancer cells or out of control mental illness, we could absorb or eat the equivalent of a green power lunch or breakfast that was so nutrient rich with raw materials to heal bones, organs, disease almost instantly--it would have to be very alkaline and full of sunlight, and we would have to use nanoveganic gardening methods. It would probably have to be used in liquid form and certainly should not be in the form of a pill. It would have to be delivered precisely where needed, self-aligned with the body’s own natural healing properties, and possibly amplified through one’s own thought processes or meditation or prayer.

It could not be left in the hands of those who control the wealth or those who base their thinking or support on politics, greed, or perceived ability. It would have to be available to all, yet forced on no one, and not be priced out of the range of the masses.

The movement continues--that is, the Paratransit Peoples Movement Assembly as IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles, Equality), a charter member of the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community (GTTDC) moves into its 11th year to improve the movement of people who use or need paratransit or independent accessible vehicles, and work within the green movement for people who are disabled.

Expect to see many of you Sat. March 5 in Chicago at IMPRUVE's fundraiser or receive your donations or written pledges to stand with us in Washington DC May 23-27, 2011 or messages to let me know that you have joined The Green Think Tank for the Disability Community.

We are not at war with anyone. We are at peace with our right to assemble, to organize and to declare our rights to own our own paratransit, drive our own solar-powered and electric and hydrogen fuel cell NEV (neighborhood electric vehicles), own our own nanotechnology and green businesses, use or request the use of nanomaterials to assemble our adaptive equipment and cars, and have accessible green or sustainable homes, more accessible streets and curb cuts, and move up out of poverty and discrimination that leaves us so isolated that many of us have not left our homes in years, have never been on a state-operated paratransit vehicle--due to vehicle safety or space issues or customer service delivered with a frown or an attitude. We are not chattel. We are customers who want to be owners, partners or persons who are disabled who want to become customers or owners, to be a part of a productive society, people who are here to serve a purpose. What we propose harms no one and is cost-effective and soul-liberating.

IMPRUVE Paratransit People's Movement Assembly needs wide support across the nation for May 23-27 rally. Time to stand up for our own and declare our freedom.

We have certainly stood for everyone else's movement. Solidarity with Native Americans, Wisconsin workers, paratransit riders' unions, Jewish Holocaust, Afrikan Holocaust, immigrant rights, women's rights Gay liberation, youth rights, family rights, independent living, Afrikan liberation, Rwanda, Tunisia, Egypt, Eritrea, Bosnia....

How can we have independent living if we can't travel, can't leave our neighborhoods or homes, because we don't have paratransit rights...because we don't have sufficient income...because every time a cut is made in a budget, it is a stab in our hearts, in our children's hearts,in our parents’mobility, in our elders' hearts, our well-being, our existence as a free people, disabled, this-abled, but not dead yet!!!

If you are not dead yet--if you want to own a piece of your own destiny, have jobs in nanotechnology, green technology and cutting edge information technology or own creative or innovative businesses that make or sell the products, insure the products--if you want to leave more than a funeral or cremation bill for your surviving loved ones--or more than a memory of a needy, bitter person who just never had enough money, never could get out much, or spent more time blaming others for their ills, than living and enjoying life, then get on board with us. Call 773-416-7366 email:

As the founder of the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community, I wanted to do what my namesake represents: “bring order to chaos.” I see the potential on the nanoscale (on billionth of a meter) of that happening not just for us, but with us.

Study to show yourself approved of God is not just a Biblical command. Study to show yourself approved and ready is a community demand. Do your research. Follow those who train or speak in Nanotechnology: Jack Uldrich, Ted Sargent, William “Dock” Walls. Read up on green technology and nanofabrication. Look at current uses vs. projected uses by 2020,2030, etc.

Be not so quick to ridicule or doubt those who are the innovators and think “out the box,” and want to be more than consumers of good, but want to do some good for us. People at groups such as IMPRUVE, BNICEH, Green Think Tank for the Disability Community, Nanoshak, ADAPT, et al.

Encourage the youth in the streets and Baby Boomers and retirees from the STEM disciplines who need work or want to return to work to get involved in or start their own nanotechnology industry, factory, company; or explore how it can be used in their current processes.

Though Chicago missed out on its chance to become the World Center on Nanotechnology by not electing William Walls III mayor in 2011, all is not lost. Start wherever you are in the world questioning, learning, overstanding, developing NANO knowledge and reducing your carbon footprint by going green.

You may also find us on under groups Green Paratransit Think Tank and Green Think Tank for the Disability Community and our own blogs at and
Find IMPRUVE on facebook,,, and email:

If you did not see what just happened, it may be because it occurred on the nanoscale at the molecular or atomic level. (~_~)

Possibilities are endless. We have been given an opportunity to use and develop talents that far exceed our predecessors. We are the new Nano Innovators.. Ase (ah-shay)

Love and Peace, Maat

copyright  2011 by Maat and the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community