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Monday, August 17, 2009

Get On Board with Clean Energy Bill, 5 Million Green Jobs

Get On Board to Clean Energy, 5 Million Green Jobs

Please join us or call in to your own U.S. Senators or handwrite letters requesting that your senators pass a strong clean energy bill NOW that includes clean, renewable energy, no more new coal plants, and 5 million Green jobs for American workers. We have 1 chance, 1 future, 1 sky. Before October 24 when climate change action occurs nationally, before December 7-18 when the United Nations convenes in Copenhagen for the international climate treaty conference.

When: Monday Aug. 31, 2009
Time: noon-1:30 p.m.
Where: Federal Plaza (outdoors)
230 S. Dearborn (Jackson/Dearborn)
Chicago IL 60604

Info/Group SignUp: 847-485-4775; 224-578-3612

Speakers Confirmed:

Terina Cranshaw-Hodges, CEO, Stay Environmentally Focus'd, green environmental foundation and green builder; member of Chicagoland Green Collar Initiative, Urban Sustainability Network
Jack Darin, IL director, Sierra Club
Katie Jordan, board director, Chicago Jobs with Justice, member of Women Labor Union Workers
Veronica Kyle, Faith In Place/IL Interfaith Power and Light
Howard Learner, CEO, Environemntal Law and Policy Center
Alderman Joseph Moore, 49th Ward, Chicago City Council; 49th Ward Green Corps (confirmed)
Dr. George Nassos, director I.I.T. Stuart School of Business Center for Sustainable Enterprises; pres., Footprint Zero LLC
Jim Slama, founder Family Farmed; founedr, former puiblisher, Conscious Choice Magazine
James Thindwa, Sustainable Chicago 2016; former CEO, Chicago Jobs For Justice (also an organizer for American Federation of Teachers)
William "Dock" Walls, grassroots organizer; CEO, Committee For A Better Chicago IL; gubernatorial candidate, Walls For Gov;

Green Performers Confirmed:
Cornelius Clark, recording artist, pastor
Nora Dunn, environmentalist activist comedienne, formerly with Saturday Night Live, now with Spheres of Influence

Do it for the children, to reduce dirty air, to reduce asthma attacks, to breathe clean air, stop depending on foreign oil

To prevent further hperexplooitationof fossil fuels

To put American workers back to work in sustainable jobs

To include persons who are disabled in those sustainable jobs to reduce their unemployment, too

To retrofit buildings, rebuild our city infrastructures

To create jobs in

building, installing and maintaining wind turbines
installing solar panels
auditing homes and buildings for energy efficiency (energy auditors)
building, maintaining and insuring solar-powered neighborhood cars
creating and maintaining adaptive equipment
creating solar-powered appliances
creating clean energy paratransit
setting appointments for green entrepreneurs
administrating and doding quality control for green businesses
Green journalism (blogging, writing, publishing)
Green education
green visual arts (public space murals, sculpture)
veganic gardening
urban farming
recycling and reuse
repurposing clothing and electronics
building, installing and maintaining clean or renewable energy computers and peripheals

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