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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Think Tank is Ready to Create Solutions for Disability Community

We are coming together using green values to help lift those members of disability community who desire green employment, consulting, entrepreneurship out of poverty; and those who desire real solutions or offer them for transportation, accessibility, housing and health problems. We provide opportunities and forums to work with both those who are disabled and non-disabled.

Just sign up for the next teleconference call. This is the number to all who join or respond that they want to join or participate in brainstorming:

1-712-432-6131 - PIN 100442#

Next teleconference is tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 25 at 11:30 am central time and thereafter every week for next 3 months, then bimonthly to monthly to quarterly as the years progress, with face-to-face meetings and webinars as frequently as teams set them.

Unless a significant number of people have a better time in mind that also works for me, we will meet by teleconference or webinar from 11:30 am - 12:15 pm Central USA time every Thursday beginning June 25, 2009.

Please share here and at what you know or desire to do to help.

This is not a group of egos. We are a group of transparency. We are not a secret society. After brainstorming, we will meet in teams by teleconference, face-to-face or webinar to refine and actualize what we select as doable tasks, determine financing, set timelines, refine ideas and timelines as necessary, recommend others, research and investigate, barter and exchange, work on proposals, and feel good about what we accomplish.

Every week we will question what we are doing, what we should do, what we should eliminate, what we have done, what we should be doing, who or what type of people are missing from the discussion, what is best practice in the area we are tackling, what we need to pass on for teams to tackle outside of the larger forum, what teams have to report to us or what teams need from the rest of us to move forward.

We will not move backwards. Like the kangaroo, we will only move forward.

The only tasks that are impossible for this think tank are:

to do nothing

to go backwards

to believe that it is impossible to lift people with disabilities out of poverty who want to rise above poverty

to fail to be innovative, creative, green, and socially responsible

Thinkers coming together to brainstorm, reason, and share intelligently always accomplish something, not nothing. They thrive on being innovative. They are never afraid to advance and research or create or use best practice in information and technology meant to improve lives, the environment, and their information or knowledge fount.

My time zone is Central time (Chicago,IL, USA)

Once teams are configured, you should exchange phone numbers and emails, but you may also use the free conference line on days or at times that we are not using it, or set up your own for your team.

However, ownership of the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community will remain in the hands of those who are disabled with no co-opting by those who are not vested in the disability community or not disabled.

Please note once everyone catches up and we have enough persons on the call regularly, we can choose others to facilitate teleconferences--just let us know your time zone.

Meanwhile, share through the blog here, through group: Green Think Tank for Disability Community, and other site at

I also have blogs on other sites at, justmeans, and facebook to which you may be periodically directed.

I appreciate your input, comments,

Maat "bringing order to chaos"

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