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Sunday, June 18, 2017

IMPRUVE has rebooted Rider-Driver Alliance New Generation for 2017

Join Rider-Driver Alliance (RDA) and If You Have Leadership Aptitude, Sign Up for Training to Develop Your Leadership Skills

July 8, 2017

10 am-1:30 pm 

McKinley Park Library

1915 W. 35th St    Chicago, IL

Trainer:  Fran Tobin, Alliance For Community Services

Dr. Ayo Maat, RDA Project Manager/Organizer

President-CEO, IMPRUVE


Ryan McGraw, RDA Organizer and IMPRUVE Director 
To reach an Organizer:  Info@RiderDriver.Org


Must be a Paratransit Rider or Driver. Need 35 Riders and 15 Drivers from MV, First Transit, CDT and SCR

  • Have you signed Better Paratransit Petition?
  • Will You Atend July 8, 2017?
  • Have you filed Your Grievance with IMPRUVE thru RDA?
  • Have you filed Your FTA Civil Rights Complaint? 
  • Have you filed Your FTA Complaint With Access Living Attys?
  • Have you Discussed Driver Issues with Access Living Atty Robert Zimmerman 312-640-2100? email:
  • Have you had your 1-on-1 Inteview with Organizers  Ayo Maat or Ryan McGraw
  • Need Relief from Harassment on The Job? Labor Violations at Your Carrier Worksite? 
  • OSHA Violations?  Have You Reported to OEIG or IBT 727  Union Rep?

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Ability Chicago Info Blog : Chicago Housing Authority Programs Adjusting Housi...: Armed with new data, the Chicago Housing Authority plans to give ‘supervouchers’ another try Article by  Maya Dukmasova  for the CHI...

Friday, December 2, 2016

IMPRUVE Moving Forward on FTA Complaints, Calls for Return of Chicago Paratransit from Pace to CTA, then Rider-Owned Paratransit, Considers Rider Driver Alliance ReBoot,

IMPRUVE Paratransit Minutemen  Moving Forward on FTA OCR Complaints

Paratransit Was Never Meant to Abuse Riders

Nor Were Streets Meant for Wheelchairs, But We Go Where Our Voices Can be Heard or Our Causes Promoted or Ride In the Street 

When The Curb Cuts Are Missing or Broken 

IMPRUVE Annual Meeting Dec. 27, 2016 and Rider-Driver Alliance ReBoot

Upcoming Events or Projects
     Congratulations to IMPRUVE on rebooting the Rider-Driver Alliance Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2017 

To organize paratransit riders and drivers for actions, events, plan strategies for improving paratransit and provide leadership development 

and recommend a strategy for rider-owned paratransit that is community-based and nonprofit for persons who are disabled

IMPRUVE partners in many human service actions, but paratransit is our priority

  • Annual Meeting - Board Elections - Tue. Dec. 27, 2016 12-4 pm
  • Location of annual meeting/Kwanzaa Observance: 5333 N. Sheridan Rd 34th fl- Marine Room  RSVP to 773-544-9488 by December 22, 2016
  • Acknowledgment of Kwanzaa 2nd day, Kujichagulia, Self-Determination
  • Will announce the two new organizers for Rider-Driver Alliance 
  • Thanks to SparkPlug Foundation for $10,000 grant  for Rider-Driver Alliance
  •  Paratransit  riders and Drivers welcome and supporters
  • Organic and Non-GMO refreshments, some gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian
  • Free, but donations welcome
  • To be more effective, requires a budget of $90,000 minimum
  • We need to raise $20,000 more for Rider-Driver Alliance
  • We need to raise  $15,000 for Paratransit Minuteman Campaign to collect complaints forms from paratransit riders and travel to advocate with Federal Transit  Administration Office of Civil Rights and elected officials  
  • We need to raise $45,000 for operating funds to acquire space for administration, hire a part-time administrative assistant for 1 year and pay obligations, provide stipends to executive director, consultants (including ASL interpreters, personal assistants, etc), pay for IT maintenance, board expenses, training of staff and board, accounting, transportation vouchers to volunteers,  staff  to fully operate. Currently, staff and consultants donate salaries as in-kind funds. We only have an administrative assistant for 6 weeks and it is only 5 hours a week and a volunteer stipend, but we need someone more available and need funds to pay better stipend.

IMPRUVE is still looking for volunteers at  www.impruve. org or complete form at 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

IMPRUVE May Partner with Green Think Tank and Rider-Driver Alliance for Rider-Owned Paratransit in Chicago

IMPRUVE May Partner with 

Green Think Tank


 Rider-Driver Alliance

 for Rider-Owned Paratransit in Chicago

In the coming year 2017
Think green for health, transportation and 
rebuilding the disability movement
We work with many groups:

Alliance for Community Services
Chicago ADAPT
Black Network In Children's Emotional Health (BNICEH)
IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders
 for Unity, Vehicles, Equality)
Illinois Single Payer Coalition (ISPC)

We are establishing a new relationship with 
CDAC (Chicago Disability Activism Collective)

We are recruiting new advisors for our Green Think Tank.
Would you like to join?  Submit a resume or bio to us or send to

Thank you.

Feel free to review our archives and see our other blogs such as and

Visit the website 
for latest information on paratransit issues and advocacy
Pace 2017 Budget Hearings
Listed Below 
Oct 2016 Dates/Sites

Green Think Tank Recruiting New Advisors


TO CONSIDER Partnering with


(Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles, Equality) 

Rider Driver Alliance 


(Community Disability Activism Collective) 

ISPC (Illinois Single Payer Coalition)


Alliance for Community Services

on Green Paratransit and Other Green Ideas 


If you would like to help or join, please submit a resume or bio to

Stay Tuned in the coming year 2017 for more developments

Current Partners


Staying In Touch Thru Board Activities/Meetings

Planning with Vets and Others Committed to Green Movements
Listening to Stakeholders 

 Youth and adults planning, working together
 Black Network In Children's Emotional Health (BNICEH "be nicer") - another partner)


Labor leaders, workers and community planning


Activities/Speakouts  for 
"humane" Human Services 

Supporting Actions for the Good of Young People

Political Activism at Congressional Hearings
Keeping It Green and Real

Support of Alliance for Community Services